Saturday, October 27, 2012

An App Comes In Handy When You're Camping In Australia

Whether you're a native Australian enjoying your vacation with your family or a tourist who wants to see the whole country, camping in Australia is a great way to experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Although, you can drive off in any type of vehicle, many campers choose to experience the real Australia by caravan, RV or motor home.

And why wouldn't they, most caravan parks can offer their guests all of the amenities that they could enjoy if they were staying at hotel. Powered sites, laundry facilities, tennis courts , fishing spots etc... are available at most of the campgrounds in order to make guests feel like they're staying at their home away from home.

Those traveling along the coast between Melbourne and Adelaide will be treated to scenic views of the ocean and will stop at some of the best caravan parks in the New South Whales like the Riverglen Holiday Park or City Southside Caravan Park near Geelong or the Werribee South Caravan Park in Werribee.There are hundreds of parks that caravanners could stop at. The problem is that they aren't always easy to find.

Like any other country that has an interconnected network of roads,it is very easy to get lost. Before the Internet, we used to carry around printed maps. They were useful but not very efficient. They got damaged and worn over time. And they weren't always up to date  So we decided to introduce the Find A Park mobile app, the only caravan park directory you'll need on the road. Hundreds of caravan parks throughout Australia displaying information about what you can expect - rates, drive thru sites for motorhomes and campervans, en-suite sites, cabins, swimming pools, camp kitchens, BBQs and reviews - it's all just a click or two away.

No more surprises, just the right information, updated regularly. 

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