Thursday, October 18, 2012

Find A Park Mobile App Is Using Blogger to Crowdfund!

As the owner and developer of the Find a Park iPhone app, it’s my mission to make sure that travellers know where they can find the right caravan park or campground.

Find a Park is a great tool for travellers, providing up-to date, real-time information about places to go and where to stay in Australia. It takes the place of bulky caravan park print directories that aren’t so great for the environment. It even displays caravan park and campgrounds information on iPhones and iPads - even when you’re out of range.

When we developed the Find a Park app, we focused on creating the best caravan park and campground app at that time…for an iPhone. We would like to produce a version for Android phones and tablets. And we would like to increase the listing and details of caravan parks and campgrounds. Technology and data research is expensive, but with a small donation from many, we can achieve great things. And that’s where you come in. We'll need $10,000 from all of you to help us bring us up to date.

If you can’t contribute, it’s no biggie. Spread the word and help us connect people to parks.

And you can visit us on the iTunes store to see what we're all about:

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