Sunday, October 28, 2012

Practical Technology for Camping in the Outback

Many avid outdoor adventurers  leave home to go camping without nothing more than a sleeping bag, a flashlight and some basic supplies. Others pack most of their house into their RV or caravan! It's hard to argue with either of them but one thing is for certain, it's hard not to leave home with some of the most advanced tools and supplies that we have ever known.

For instance the Samsung W300 Full HD Pocket Camcorder is one of those easy to use video devices that can shoot high definition video and is ideal to capture the natural beauty of the outdoors.  Equipped with a stereo microphone, you can also add background music to your film. And it'll automatically lower the music so as not to drown out any narration for the video. It's a must for the videographer in the family.

Another great tech tool is the Braven 625s speaker which comes with an LED flashlight. Fodor's loves its practicality as it can play up to 16 hours of music, can charge iPad's and iPhones and can also as light station when the sun goes down. At $180, it's highly affordable.

Although we didn't make Fodor's list it's not because we weren't trying. Have you ever been driving on Highway 1 and you couldn't find the map that would get you to the next caravan park? Or when you did locate it, something had spilled on it and you couldn't read it?  Our Find A Park app seeks to solve all of those problems. With hundreds of caravan parks at your fingertips, you'll wonder why you didn't download it earlier.

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo,, so that we can upgrade the app for more devices and add more caravan park listings. And for the modest donation of $50 you can have a mobile phone desk stand which will help you keep your eyes and hands on the road instead of searching for that map.

Please visit our campaign to contribute, we are offering many other gifts. Visit us at to find out what former AFL star Peter Spida Everitt had to say about our app.

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