Friday, October 19, 2012

Tips Before You Take Off Caravanning

Whether you’re planning a caravanning holiday in Broome, Western Australia, which was named as Reader’s Digest Australia named as the most popular caravanning destination or beautiful Esperance, WA which came in second place, there are some rules that you’ll want to follow so that you have a fun and safe trip. 

If you’re out caravanning for your first time, you’ll have many questions regarding what you should take with you and what you should leave behind.

You’ll definitely want to bring along a BBQ when you’re at the caravan parks and bringing baking paper to put on the BBQ plate will save you the time and trouble of cleaning a plate. It’s also important to bring along a fire extinguisher on board your caravan.

When loading up your caravan you should always place the heaviest items on the bottom of the van, as close as possible to the middle of the van and above the wheels in order to ensure stability.  If you place all of the heavy objects in the rear section of a truck camper you can have steering problems. By placing all heavy objects in lower compartments and towards the middle, you’ll have a good center of gravity. Light items should be stored at the top, across the length of the caravan whilst medium weighted items should be distributed in the middle and both ends evenly.
It also a good idea to make sure that you bring only the necessary items that you’ll need for your trip. You might have to act like your Father did when he used to pack up your family for caravanning when you were a boy and he wouldn’t let you bring your basketball stand but you’ll have to do it. Your towing vehicle can only handle so much equipment such as water, food, camping gear etc…and that will generally add another 300kg to the weight to the caravan. And remember that not all tow bars can handle the same amount of weight, so you will need to purchase a towbar that can handle your caravan plus the additional weight when it’s packed.

Getting lost on the way could be a fun experience when you are with your friends, but getting lost while you're with household members can be a different issue. Young children can get irritable and you don’t want to fight with your spouse on your vacation. Pack a map, a GPS or better yet, FindaPark, our mobile phone app is the only caravan park directory you'll need on the road. Hundreds of caravan parks throughout Australia displaying information about what you can expect - rates, drive thru sites for motorhomes and campervans, en-suite sites, cabins, swimming pools, camp kitchens, BBQs and reviews - it's all just a click or two away. 

Remember, planning ahead will save you time when you’re on the road!

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